Ruby Robbins, LMT

Ruby Robbins is the Owner and Massage Therapist at Sana Therapeutic. Ruby began to massage in 2006 and earned accreditation with NCBTMB in 2013. Continuing Education includes 18 Months from Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. From which a knowledge of the working body is understood through the lense of pathology according to traditional medicine. Ruby uses many traditional methods in her practice everyday. Cupping is used to eliminate stagnation, improve circulation and to aid the nervous system. Gua Sha which is a practice of scraping a tool across the skin, believed to release unhealthy bodily matter from blood stasis within sore, tired, stiff or injured muscle areas to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas, thus promoting metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing and recovery.

In addition to the traditional Chinese modalities, Ruby is one of only two providers in Kansas that offers NCBTMB accredited Mayan Abdominal Massage, which is an external noninvasive manipulation that repositions internal organs that have shifted, thereby restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerves and chi. It is a treatment that is widely practiced among the Curanderos (healers) and Midwives of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. Which can assist from digestive troubles, painful periods, fertility support, pelvic and prostate problems, to relief from chronic back and sacral issues, Abdominal Therapy can help you.

The uterus is the woman’s core, if it is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”

Don Elijio Panti

The female pelvis is a powerhouse of energy transformative; the very throne of creation through which universal creative energy patterns course and flow.”

Dr. Rosita Arvigo