what to expect Mayan Abdominal Massage— The initial consultation includes a 30 minute review of your health history, an intake form, which will be emailed to you prior to the visit. At this time we will discuss your custom health plan and concerns. Followed by the abdominal massage and additional protocols as discussed during the health history.

– Expect that the initial appointment will take at least 90min and up to 120min

  • Follow up appointments will take at least 60min and up to 90min depending if clients would like to do in office protocols.

Consultation for Therapeutic Massage

Prior to your massage you will receive an intake form to fill out. When you arrive to your appointment you and your therapist will discuss what goals you have for your treatment. At this time you will express any questions or concerns you may have regarding the treatment. This is the time to discuss pressure preferences and areas of focus and areas you would like to avoid. (e.g., if you are ticklish, you recently got a tattoo, or recent surgery). The therapist will always check in with you during the massage so feel free to communicate your concerns.